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Cat® Link

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Telematics hardware

Discover our solutions to connect your mixed fleet.

Product LinkTM wirelessly connects you to your equipment giving you valuable insight into how your machine or fleet is performing. 

Locator Service

The solution for your work tools and other unpowered equipment

Location, Geo-fences & maintenance

Basic Service

The standard telematics solution for all your machines

Locator + Hours & Asset utilization

Essentials Service

Your preferred solution for your Cat machines

Basic + Fuel level & Fuel utilization, safety & operator abuse, fault codes & health alerts, cycles & payload


VisionLink is a web-based fleet management solution that allows you to remotely monitor your entire jobsite and take the right decisions based on telematics data: Location, Hours, Fuel usage, Productivity, Working and idle time and diagnostic codes.

Thanks to the new VisionLink Unified Suite, you will be able to work on four main task-focused applications:

+ VisionLink Unified Fleet: Manage fleet location and ensure assets are fueled and operating

+ VisionLink Unified Service: Manage equipment health, plan downtime for maintenance and ensure inspections are documented

+ VisionLink Unified Productivity: Ensure machines are being operated at optimum efficiency. Measure and track payloads and volume

+ Administrator

You want to know more about the new VisionLink, visit or download the brochure 

+ Generate customizable dashboards with dynamic reporting capabilities
+ Get actionable information to make key decisions to help you improve your bottom line
+ Navigate easily through the intuitive and mobile-ready interface
+ Available in several languages

Key features

Customizable dashboards, summaries, alerts & reports

Mixed-fleet capable

Improved mobile experience on tablets and phones

Four task-focused applications

Asset status (on, off, not reporting) and location

Working, idle and run times

Utilization percentage and fuel burn

Article - Manage assets at multiple sites - any brand, any device

It’s a constant balancing act—managing assets at two or more sites—and doing that job efficiently and economically. One place where inefficiency costs you money is fuel delivery.

VisionLink and Cat® Grade Control 3D | Barslund Testimonial

Premium services

In order to improve your productivity, we propose you to go even further and to discover our premium services. These services will provide you the data you need. 

Advanced productivity application

With detailed production history, productivity, and efficiency metrics at your fingertips, you can better develop future project cost and profitability estimates to help improve the bottom line. The Cat® Advanced Productivity application is a web-based tool used to visualize Cat machine production-related data including:

  • Application Profiling & Cycle Segmentation
  • Cycle Counts & Cycle Times
  • Productivity & Efficiency
  • Cycle & Payload Measurement Detail data 

The app is accessed from the VisionLink® web interface and consists of a user customizable dashboard, cycle by cycle downloadable data, schedulable reports, and more.

Load & Cycle Monitoring

The Vision Link Load and Cycle Project Monitoring feature allows you to leverage your cellular devices to monitor the progress of materials moved between sites in the field and report on load counts and cycle times for assets. You can track your productivity and efficiency very easily and cost effectively. 

This is a solution for your full fleet.


  • Real-time results
  • Automated counting
  • Monitor many projects at one
  • Less frequency of site topos
  • Identify inefficiencies, reducing costs
  • Short ROI

VisionLink® APIs

The VisionLink Application Program Interface (API) service enables you to seamlessly integrate information remotely reported by the VisionLink® application into client applications.

The VisionLink API is a list of data feed topics; for example, Fuel Information, Diagnostics, and Event Data.

For a complete list of supported topics, sample code, and sample schemas, refer to the API Documentation page.

To access the VisionLink API, the user must have an active subscription to the VisionLink application & an API login credential to access the VisionLink API topics.

The VisionLink API eliminates the need to “mine” the data from the VisionLink application. For example, data can be provided to an ERP system, project management scheduling tool of choice, or to a field service dispatching application. Most of the data elements that are available for a specific asset by subscription can be obtained through the VisionLink API.

Discover the other technologies

Cat® Connect Technologies integrate seamlessly into your equipment, boosting their operational performance as well as your ability to compete.

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