Common Causes Of Leaks On Commercial Roofs (And How To Repair Them)

roofers repairing roof of old factory buildingWhen you have a leaking commercial roof, an experienced and skilled commercial roofing contractor like Gen819 Roofing San Diego should be hired to assess your situation and offer a lasting solution. When you know what the root cause of a leak is, it can help to prevent your problem from growing worse and keep your building protected.

So what causes a roof leak to develop and what steps can you take to address or prevent the problem?

Here is what you need to know:

Pooled water

If there is a low slope on the surface of your commercial roof, then it is likely that water will coalesce on it. That will increase the stress and weight on the roof which can damage the roof and result in a leak. In order to prevent your roof from forming standing water, make sure to have a well-designed surface. You need a proper draining system as well with downspouts, gutters, and clear drains.

Improper sealing

Pipes, HVAC units, gas lines, and other types of roof penetrations can result in leaks if they are not sealed properly. If those places are not given special attention during the installation process, these outlets can turn into open holes in your roof membrane. In order to fix this problem, the openings will need to be properly sealed by commercial roofing repair professionals. Regular maintenance and roof inspection will help to prevent expensive repairs and leaks.

Damaged roof membrane

This waterproof layer seals the interior of a building off to prevent water from being able to leak through. However, the membrane’s structural integrity can be compromised by such factors as wear and tear, mechanical damage, bad weather, and foot traffic. Regular repairs, maintenance, and inspections will help to ensure that the roof’s membrane stays in good condition. You might have to replace the roof membrane if there is a major leak.

Old age

Even when you properly maintain your roof, as it ages it will continue to become weaker. Being exposed to the elements constantly can damage the roof’s structure and increase the risk of leaks. A flat commercial roof has a lifespan of 15 to 10 years. The best thing to do if your roof is leaking and it is past its useful life is to completely replace it.

So whenever you discover that your commercial roof has a leak, your vulnerable inventory and equipment should be evacuated so that further damage is prevented. Next, note the location of the leak, call your insurance company and inform them of the damage, and also call a roofing professional.